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About Phoenix Network


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Phoenix Network came to be in mid-2018 as a Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free project. Right now we are a revival project for not only Heroes and Play4Free but also for Ghost Recon Online/Ghost Recon Phantoms. We care deeply for our games and their community and we'll always have the community's best interest in mind.

We want to be truly transparent and actively involve our community in our efforts to provide everyone with the best possible experience! 

Matthias Hoste aka LifeCoder

Our end goal

Our end goal is to provide a platform where all communities may find a home. We believe that when a game is created a developer or publisher shouldn't just discard it when they got what they wanted. If people love your game you should keep supporting it(or sell it to us so we may continue it). We love games and will do anything to keep our favorite games alive!

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